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DIY Laser Cut Herringbone Wall Art

Updated September 30, 2020

A coworker sent a picture of a framed piece of art she liked, and I wondered if I could pull it off using my Glowforge.

Creating a Herringbone Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Per usual, the biggest hurdle was putting together the design file. Because the Glowforge bed size limits how large each piece can be (about 19.5" wide by 11.5" tall), I decided to make four panels. Once I finished one panel I copied that one, and created two mirrored designs to create the pattern I wanted. The first one I did I also engraved the color I wanted to paint each one on the back of each piece of wood. However, that added time to the laser cut, and once I had a round of practice I found it easy enough to mark each piece on the back with a pencil before spray painting.

Painting and Assembling a Chevron Wooden Puzzle

I used spray paint from Home Depot which were about $4 each and I didn't use a full can of each color. Once dry, I put the pieces in place and then flipped the whole 'puzzle' over. I then used wood glue to affix four rectangular pieces of wood to the back of each panel. Once the glue was dry, I flipped each panel over and sealed the front with Mod Podge, but polyurethane would also work. The panels were light weight enough that I hung them with 3m adhesive strips. You can order the plain wooden pieces, finished panels, or the design file for this project.